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Four-Choices.com is designed to help you evaluate what is most important to you in a variety of different life categories. Talking about various examples with friends and family will open a window into their priorities and values. You’ll also have a great time doing it!

This website is also a great way to break the ice with new acquaintances and the perfect diversion at home, school, or work.
Every week I will add a new Choice of the Week from one of the categories listed below to the Home page for visitors to vote on. Post a comment explaining how you decided upon your choice. Discuss it with friends and family online and at work, school, or home.

Four-Choices Categories

  1. Personal Philosophy
  2. Love, Family, Friendship
  3. Career
  4. Crime and Punishment
  5. Community Life
  6. The Arts
  7. History
  8. Sports

The website also has previous choices you can vote on available on the Archives page.

There is also a Recommended page of interesting links, articles and products related to decision making.

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Have fun making your choices!